Abundance Mindset, The Key to Riches

Abundance Mindset, The Key to Riches


Despite what some people may think, there is actually a fantastic inner world which exists further beyond that which your own two eyes can see. The world isn’t black and white, and sadly the world isn’t all sunshine and roses either. We all deserve to be happy in life, and sadly for many of us, that is simply not an option. People say that we make our own luck in this world, but is it actually true?

Take abundance for example. When you hear the word “abundance” what are the first images that immediately spring into your mind?

  • Are they images of money?
  • Of love?
  • Of happiness?
  • Of being popular?

Let’s face it, for all of the above, we can apply the basic principles of abundance into our everyday lives, yet for many, the key elements behind abundance, are being comfortable in your own skin by feeling happy and content with the person you currently are and the life that you’re currently leading.

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Abundance, by taking a look at: What it is? and How you can get more of it in your life?

The aim of this article is to show and teach you not only what abundance is, but to also provide you with the necessary information required for generating abundance, so that you can reap the many, many benefits of having it in your life.

So, without any further hesitation, let’s get started.

What exactly is Abundance?

Abundance basically means a large quantity of “something”, or plenty of “something”, and for that reason, abundance actually has the potential to help provide you with the life you’ve always dreamed of, and the life you’ve always deserved.

It is best being described as a feeling or mentality, not simply a cash amount or the number of friends you may have. Abundance is already there, waiting for you with open arms, it is everything and anything, you just need to know how to incorporate it into your life.

For example, a lot of people are focused solely on having more money in their lives, generating more cash for their bank accounts, worrying about items that they want but can’t actually afford at that present moment in time. For this reason however, people, instead, need to realize the fact that abundance is already there, ready and waiting for them.

Sadly, people these days tend to think of wealth purely for materialistic and financial reasons, when in reality, wealth is all around us. It’s in the natural beauty all around us; it’s in the flowers, in the kindness of man, in the natural beauty of our planet, and anything else that gives us joy and happiness.

True abundance however, is best described as being able to experience: joy, health, happiness, well-being, along with a sense of vitality and purpose. Abundance is being able to appreciate the world for its natural beauty, and being able to truly love life. Just because a person has a huge sum of money for example, does not make them “rich”.

Where can Abundance be found?

Abundance is all around us. It is a mentality and outlook on life. Money is often to primary focus of abundance, and whilst money can indeed bring happiness, so can many other things too. For this reason, abundance can be found:

  • In love
  • In happiness
  • In fun
  • In opportunity
  • In friendship
  • In kindness and generosity
  • In good deeds
  • In nature
  • In food
  • In water
  • In clothing
  • In energy
  • In time
  • In spirituality
  • In optimism

As you can see, there is an abundance of everything and anything on this planet, the only thing that may be preventing you from accessing it is because you isolate yourself away from it, or because you find yourself too close-minded or stubborn to accept that not everything may be as black and white as others may think.

Once you become aware of true abundance, and accept that it is all around you, you will experience what is known as Abundance Consciousness. This is where you become fully aware of the true existence of abundance and you welcome it into your life, connect with it, and accept it, even if, at that present moment in time, it may not seem to be a direct part of your life at that moment.

It means you may need to step out from your comfort zone and open your mind to a whole new world of endless possibilities. This frame of mind, this mindset sets you free, it allows you to recognize the countless opportunities for abundance and making it a key part of your life.

3 key steps for generating Abundance in your life

Now that we know a little more about what abundance is, and just a few reasons why it is so beneficial, let’s now take a look at a few key steps that you will need to take in order to generate abundance in your life.

Count your blessings and show gratitude

Rather than focus on the negatives, we should instead focus on the positives by counting our blessings. When we’re able to fully recognize the infinite nature of our universe, we’re able to truly appreciate what we have and just how fortunate we really are.

We can love and appreciate everything around us and be truly grateful for what life has blessed us with. Love and positivity will attract more love and positivity, which means that from there, what the universe has aligned for us will come to us with very minimal effort.

Being grateful for what life has rewarded us with is our natural internal state, which in turn means that we recognize and count more and more blessings each day, making us richer and richer and happier and happier.

Try creating an abundance list, where you write down just one reason why you’re abundant for each day. This could be anything from the birds singing outside, to the fact that you’re surrounded by friends and family on a regular basis.

Set goals

A life without goals is like a ship on the ocean with no map. If making more money is one of your goals, set it for yourself, but make sure you’re specific. Remember, money is nothing more than a mere energy which is exchanged for something other. Telling yourself that you want more money isn’t enough; you need to tell yourself why you need money.

For example, you may need more money because you wish to provide your family with the most financially secure life possible. If you intend to get fit and lose weight, don’t just tell yourself you need to lose weight, give yourself a target to aim for in a certain amount of time, i.e. 10 pounds in six weeks.

Affirm endless beliefs

Basically, what you believe will eventually be able to generate what it is that you experience in life. If for example, you don’t believe that it’s possible to lose 7 pounds of weight in two weeks through diet and exercise alone, you won’t be able to lose 7 pounds in two weeks through diet and exercise alone. It’s all about changing your mindset and opening up your mind.

Most people dislike work and will adopt a mindset which basically states that they “have to work hard to earn a living”. If you change your way of thinking however, to something such as telling yourself that you “earn more than enough money by doing something that you love” you shift your entire pattern of thinking and change your entire outlook on life.

You can alter any pattern which may not be working out for you, and by opening up your mind to an endless world of possibilities, anything will seem possible.

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