7 Funny Short Stories To Lighten Up Your Mood #28

7 Funny Short Stories To Lighten Up Your Mood #28


While accomplishing your dreams, don’t forget to enjoy your life. Check out this collection of seven funny short stories and have a great weekend!

1. Isaac Newton

Physics Teacher: “Isaac Newton was sitting under a tree when an apple fell on his head and he discovered gravity. Isn’t that wonderful?”
Student: “Yes sir, if he had been sitting in class looking at books like us, he wouldn’t have discovered anything.”

2. Donation

Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.

3. Late!

A: Why are you late?
B: There was a man who lost a hundred dollar bill.
A: That’s nice. Were you helping him look for it?
B: No, I was standing on it.

4. Pencil

Teacher: “Jimmy, why aren’t you writing?”
Jimmy: “I don’t has a pencil.”
Teacher: “Jimmy, that’s not a correct sentence. The correct way is: I don’t have a pencil; he doesn’t have a pencil; we don’t have a pencil.”
Jimmy: “Who stole all the pencils then?”

5. Most wanted

An elementary school class goes on a field trip to the police station.
The Officer points to the 10 MOST WANTED list and tells them that these are the most wanted fugitives in the USA.
Little Boy says ” He is the MOST WANTED in the USA?!”
Officer says “yes”.
Little Boy asks “Why didn’t you keep him when you took his picture?”

6. Absence

Mother: “Why did you get such a low mark on that test?”
Son: “Because of absence.”
Mother: “You mean you were absent on the day of the test?”
Son: “No, but the kid who sits next to me”

7. Elephant!!

The class teacher asks students to name an animal that begins with an “E”. One boy says, “Elephant.”
Then the teacher asks for an animal that begins with a “T”. The same boy says, “Two elephants.”
The teacher sends the boy out of the class for bad behavior. After that she asks for an animal beginning with “M”.
The boy shouts from the other side of the wall: “Maybe an elephant!”

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